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Higher education for common citizen. 


An Institution dedicated to affordable quality education and evidence based research to solve community problems.

Chancellor Message

Prof. Dr. Syed Tipu Sultan

Stepping foot in this university, there is one thing we want our students to feel: comfortable. To ensure this feeling is imparted, we took a philanthropic route, allowing students a chance to attain quality education at affordable rates. However, at the expense of these rates we didn’t want to sacrifice cutting edge ideas. We didn’t, for example, wish to have poor technical equipment. Thus, we have put in place a library, a digital library, a computer lab, etc. With this, we ensure our students are met with top notch facilities, with high quality maintained. At MU, you won’t fall behind. At MU, you’ll be welcome. But most of all: At MU, you will be comfortable. Thank you!

vice-Chancellor Message

Prof. Dr. Shahida sajjad

The Malir University of Science and Technology believes in humanity, human values
and service to mankind. We are committed to provide quality education of
International Standard. We inculcate 21st century’s skills in our graduates to make
them capable of living and working in competitive environments. We are questing to
develop passion for ensure team work among our graduates through different
curricular and co-curricular activities. We believe in values and are promoting value
based educational philosophy. We are open to all segments of our society and all
communities of our country and welcome students, faculty and ministerial staff as our
human resources. We aim at producing a generation of professionals, researchers and
young leaders to meet the challenges of 21st century.


Dean of Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Obaid Ali 

B.Sc., B.Pharm., MPhil, Ph.D.

Dr. Obaid Ali remained associated with educational training programs of professionals involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing inside and outside Pakistan. As World Health Organization (WHO) Consultant, he gave training to the regulators of Qatar, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was appointed to observe WHO Geneva inspection team. He was a Consultant of Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) on a project of capacity building of regulators and stakeholders. He conducted various advance courses of regulatory affairs to graduates and post graduate fellows of medical, pharmacy, biological and chemical sciences in different public and private universities and institutions. He represented Government of Pakistan in Standing Committees of National Assembly of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan, Judiciary.

Dean of Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Yousuf Memon

MBBS, MSc, MCPS, Dip DC, MPhil, (PhD)

Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Memon received USAID scholarship to attend a Fellowship program on ‘Research Ethics at’ Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, USA. He received First International MacJannet Award on his community based educational initiative i.e. Urban Health Program’ (a flagship program of Aga Khan University, Pakistan, functioning in selected squatter settlement of Karachi) from Tallories Network, Tuft University and MacJannet Foundation USA. In 1995, his SAP funded project on PHC has received best achievement award from Sindh (Pak) government. He remain attached with Department of Community Health Sciences, Aga Khan University AKU), Pakistan for a period of 23 years (1997 to 2019) as a Faculty and Co-Program Director MSc. Health Policy and Management (HP&M) Program and also as a Director Urban Health Program.  

MU Management


L. Siddique

Deputy Registrar

Sundas Ikram

Director Finance

Kamal Uddin

controller examination

Waqar ul Haq

Deputy controller Examination

Salman Shiekh

Manager admission

Amir Ali Khan

Manager Administration

M. Mohsin


Altaf Ali Abro


Shamim Akhtar

Assitant Accountant

Saud Shiekh



M. Junaid

Securitry officer

Gul Sher