Life at MU

Sports Complex

MU aims to provide an environment where students, along with study, can have some fun! For this, we’ve firstly put a swimming pool in place; here, students can go to relax and refresh themselves. Furthermore, we have a tennis court, where students can keep matches amongst each other, exercise, awaken their bodies, and enjoy!

i. Swimming pool
ii. Tennis court
iii. Cricket ground
iv. Table Tennis


With 6000 books, MU has installed a library for students. Here, they can read and study material in a warm, comfortable, and quiet environment. The books featured here include everything from novels to academic material. Grab a book, take a seat, and enrich your mind!

Digital Library

Adding further to every advantage brought on by a regular library, our digital library with 25000 books allows students to read through material they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. This provides a great volume of novels and academic material than is preset in the physical library.


The university has a fully equipped computer resource center, where all their facilities are met. Research work, assignments, presentations, every need fulfilled. The university assures its students every technological need will be available with up to date systems in place.

Student Union

Our present student union allow students to mingle, and look for activities to participate in alongside studies. This allows our students to become more social, interconnected, and confident. Building networks is an essential part of one’s career life, and this prepares students. Moreover, this allows students to take their mind off studies, and focus on other ventures.

Medical Facility

Within the university, medical facilities such as doctors, first aid, medicines etc. are all made readily available. In case of any medical emergency, the university will be prepared to handle the issue and deal properly.

Transport Service

We have transport services with routes that spread all throughout the city. With this, students do not have the face the hurdle of transport from one location to another; rather, the university takes
care of that.

Community & Volunteer Service

The university will be providing students opportunities where they can volunteer to help out communities in need. These can include awareness drives, donations, etc. Through this, our students can actively make upgrades in society.