Medical technology graduates flourish as creative professionals dedicated to excellence and an atmosphere of teamwork and safe work. These graduates play a vital role in providing quality health care and in self-advancements, the profession and community through scholarship.


In a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the Medical technology program prepares highly qualified graduates committed to quality, creativity and evidence-based practice. The program focuses on research, accountability, collaboration and leadership as the foundation of evidence.


With medical technology as their field of study, students get to partake in a widely growing and important industry. From this point onwards, opportunities branch into all kinds of medical fields, such as surgeons, doctors, etc. What we’ll be laying great emphasis on, along with a focus on clinical on-field work, is maintaining a workflow within teams, and problem solving.

Program offered

Presently, MU is offering a 4 years BS program, and a 2 years associate degree.


1. Graduate technically competent practitioners, who interpret,
assess the validity and correlate clinical laboratory data with
available patient information
2. Instill the highest standards of performance and professional
ethics in all graduates
3. Equip graduates with the tools that promote sound, independent
judgment; successful problem-solving abilities; and essential
educational and management skills
4. Graduate professionals who have the skills to actively educate
others of the integral role of medical laboratory scientists in
delivering quality patient care and actively advocate for the
5. Prepare graduates to pass national certification examinations
6. Promote effective communication with peers, other healthcare
professionals, patients and the community
7. Support and mentor the development of professional
responsibility to include life-long learning activities, teamwork
skills, and the ability to adapt to and facilitate change.


Prof. Dr. Siraj ud daulla 

(HoD, Professor)

Dr. Saima Khan 

(Assistant Professor)

Muddasir Ali

(Assistant Professor)

Ayaaz Ahmed Noonari 

(Assistant Professor)

Zeb Hassan 

(Assistant Professor)

Faiza Hassan