Our vision is a world with healthy people living in healthy communities.


We bring about sustainable, positive changes in health by providing an outstanding research, teaching, and service program to educate the next generation of public health leaders who endeavor to discover, test and disseminate solutions to health threats and problems; and translate research into effective practices and sound policies.


Our degree covers a range of fields: everything from developing and presenting wellness programs in local communities all while creating public policies to fighting infectious disease outbreaks. This program cements a strong foundation in biological and social sciences and emphasizes research-based approaches to program assessment, planning and evaluation. Aspiring students would also explore strategies for preventing disease, reducing health disparities, prolonging life and improving the health of entire populations. In a world struck with a pandemic the world needs Public Health professionals more than ever. Graduates of this course would prove to be an asset in private and public sectors as medical and health services managers, health educators, researchers or community health workers. The demand for competent, experienced public health professionals will continue to rise based on growing populations and the need for disease prevention, surveillance and education.


  1. To educate students in public health competencies with an accredited curriculum
  2. To provide students with community-oriented education and practice opportunities.
  3. To generate public health knowledge emphasizing urban, community-engaged and translational research.
  4. To participate in public health advocacy, policy, and practice at a local, national, and
    global level.

Program offered

Presently, MU is offering a 4 years BS program, and a 2 year associate degree.


Dr. Sonya Arshad

(HoD, Associate professor)

Dr. Syeda Sadaf Akbar


Dr. Sajjad Ahmed

(Assistant Professor)

Dr. Inam

(Assistant Professor)

Ayaaz Ahmed Lashari

(Assistant Professor)

Ms. Ujala Sajid


Ms. Marium Asim


Diploma Program

Health Professions Education (CHPE) Program

Family Medicine Diploma program

Diabetes Management Diploma program