Quality Enhancement Cell


It has become an imperative in recent years for higher education institutions to demonstrate the efficacy of their academic programs in delivering high-quality education that has a beneficial impact on stakeholders. This has contributed to the introduction of methods by the Higher Education Commission to determine the quality of academic programs.

It was agreed at the NQAC (National Quality Assurance Commission) meeting that Quality Enhancement Cells would be formed at all universities with the establishment of the Quality Assurance Agency at the Higher Education Commission to improve the internal quality assurance mechanism with a special emphasis on the quality of higher education in order to fill the gap between the prevailing and desired quality education status.


Developing a viable and sustainable quality assurance system at Malir University of Science & Technology in achieving the status of world class teaching, research and development institutions.


Implement university quality assurance protocols and assessment approaches to increase the level of education and study in the fields of health, social sciences and related fields.


Enhance instructional initiatives and maintain high academic expectations by providing input to faculty and administration in order to initiate a progress action plan. Providing students with critical skills in the core competencies to reach the workplace well prepared: problem solving skills, creative and data processing methods, team work experience, interpersonal skills, basic and advanced IT skills.


  • To encourage the university to generate high-quality graduates.
  • To preserve and improve academic standards.
  • Ensure that current projects accomplish their targets.
  • The preparation of the academic programs for approval by the Councils concerned.
  • To remove the culture of cut/copy paste and any act of dishonesty in the university’s academic work, in order to instill innovative thinking.
  • To avoid hustle and maintain the fluency of work on campus.

Director Message

Malir University is a continually growing institution dedicated primarily to serve the community with practical teaching, innovative ideas and civic development. With the enthusiasm to put the best standard practices towards the community, the university encourages evidence-based research and learning, ethical personal and social responsibility, critical thinking, and lifelong learning for students and Team. The evidence-based education and quality standard practice in teaching and learning strategy have been designed to facilitate independent and collaborative knowledge building. The objective of the QEC initiative is to embed modern learning strategies into courses across the curriculum for all students, and maintain rigorous quality standards for teachers, thus creating a student-faculty balanced culture of learning.  Our academic programs ensure students will be taught the most current knowledge and develop adequate new world skills. Moreover, our academic staff’s teaching experience and personal research are cohesive in the content of the program of study, translating new research and element into the class. These tools will prepare our students and faculty with all the credentials needed for the academic and professional growth of any institution and to embark on and cultivate quality-driven industry and society. Currently, as an emerging institution, we are more keen to develop our human resources by providing quality training and capacity-building programs, engaging them in quality enhancement strategies, and preparing them for maintaining quality assurance by self-assessments and transformations.  


Dr. Shamoon Noushad – Director


Dr. Shamoon Noushad


Yusra Saleem


Sumaira Sarfarz